Dallwig Brothers Building Supply Inc. | Drywall Salem

A Salem, Oregon, Family-owned

and Operated Business Since 1980

Serving the I-5 corridor

from Eugene, OR to Vancouver, WA

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Rich company history

German immigrant Gerhard Dallwig came to the U.S. in 1956 at 18 years old. He could not speak English and had few job skills. Today, the company he started has over 40 employees as well as 3 generations of Dallwigs working at the office.


So how did this family-owned and operated Dallwig Brothers Building Supply Inc. get its start? Read on to learn more.

Early years in America

After coming to the U.S., Gerhard married his wife Susan and got drafted into the military, which helped him learn English. Although he and his wife didn't have much, Gerhard knew he had the opportunity to do whatever he wanted in America, and he wanted the American dream.

Bright business beginnings

Gerhard started working for local contractors in the building supply industry. With only a few employees and some of the oldest, cheapest trucks he could find, he started Dallwig Brothers Building Supply Inc. in 1980. He couldn't even afford real desks, so they crafted some out of old doors. Now, the company has several brand-new trucks as well as real desks.

Business today

We love what we do because we care about you and want to see you be successful and do great things. Family-owned and operated for over 35 years, we're the only small business of our kind in the area. We are proud of the great relationships we've built working with contractors to provide drywall and roofing materials for their jobs. Contact us today to get help finding the supplies you need for your project!

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